A Message For You


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Today Sucked.

I was crushed when I heard the news about the San Bernardino shooting. Exhaustion and fatigue swept over me. I didn’t want to do anything except sob. I had about an hour left in my work day, though, so that wasn’t an option. Instead, I finished my tasks and moved like a zombie. I drove home […]

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It Comes From Within

Change sucks. I will be the first to admit that– it’s not fun. It’s often annoying and time-consuming, but there’s something to be said for personing up and following through. All change hurts at first. Often, we call these ‘growing pains’ and push through the sting, knowing a new height or job is at the […]

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The Thing About Which We Forget

Holy crap, it’s Friday already again. You better be cheering up, darn it. Henceforth, I’m going to stop apologizing for being happy. There’s nothing wrong with it. Of course I have my bad, grumpy, rotten-feeling days. Everyone has those. Fewer of us still have valid days, weeks, months, and even years where we feel nothing, […]

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Hi, y’all! For some, it’s a long weekend. I do not work until Wednesday. I will create a lot. I promise. I wish we could all find more time to devote to activities that enrich, especially since life can sometimes be so draining. — Today, for example, my husband finally received his wedding present. We wed […]

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lizblog 1.0

Hey, y’all. I hope all is well with you and yours. This site is intended to be a manifestation of my mind, heart, and soul. I hope to chronicle my continued search for creativity, empathy, and balance as I hone my writing and journey through life one day at a time. I’d like to commit to […]

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