Today Sucked.

I was crushed when I heard the news about the San Bernardino shooting.

Exhaustion and fatigue swept over me. I didn’t want to do anything except sob. I had about an hour left in my work day, though, so that wasn’t an option. Instead, I finished my tasks and moved like a zombie.

I drove home after work, sprang out of my car, and sprinted to the door of our apartment: MY BLACK FRIDAY SEPHORA (costly makeup, for the uninitiated) ORDER WAS FINALLY DELIVEREDDD! HALLELUJAH!

Or so I thought. Turns out, they didn’t send me all my stuff. They sent me some of it…and some of Another Person’s. So I prepared it for re-shipping. But not before transforming into a Grumpasaurus Liz for the duration of my dog walk.

Then I remembered that at least fourteen people had been murdered not four or five hours before I threw a mini shit-fit about chemicals I paint on my face.

My ‘problem’ was suddenly inconsequential. Today is not about me, or stuff that went wrong, or even things that went right. I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to be about. We have to come together to change this. It’s real. It’s happening. And it’s not going to stop. I already have one post about another shooting that happened this year. They happen so often now that I had to physically go to that particular post to even remember which it was: October 1, 2015: 9 people murdered at Umpqua Community College, Oregon. Ten died in total; the shooter also perished by his own hand. There have been 352 shootings thus far in 2015.

I hate the attitude from many that this is unavoidable: ‘Yup. *sucks air in through teeth* Sure is a gorram shame, huh? Maybe if the victims woulda had guns they’d still be alive!’


Once again, we can look to Australia for a solution, because they have one, and it’s working, but any time people want to change policy in America, it seems to take a lot of blood from bystanders to get things moving.

I’m tired of watching the pools continue to stain our soil.


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