It Comes From Within

Change sucks. I will be the first to admit that– it’s not fun. It’s often annoying and time-consuming, but there’s something to be said for personing up and following through.

All change hurts at first. Often, we call these ‘growing pains’ and push through the sting, knowing a new height or job is at the end.

But what happens if it aches too much; when we can’t see the purported light?

This firearm nonsense needs to cease. It’s only us, guys, with this Massive Massacre Mystery that we can’t seem to solve. Just the good ole’ U.S. US IS IT.

Sure, hunting’s cool, and so is shooting at a range. Fine with that. But if one simply must have one, why is everyone against regulating the damn things with a sane licensing system?

I have taken hunter’s safety and can shoot. I know that one cannot simultaneously properly store a gun safely (unloaded, safety on, locked safe; ammo in a separate, also-locked cabinet) and keep it ready-to-use. The logic does not work. If it can, please break it down for me.

We all have things we like. We don’t want to stop doing what’s fun.

I don’t have an answer for the gun abuse (can we just call it what it actually is?) in this country. Australia seems to have arrived at a solution. Many other nations have similar cultures and beliefs that America has, but not the worship of violence.

I think we need to admit that we’re broken: ‘hey, world, America’s sorry. We never were number one, and we didn’t mean to be jerks. We are still growing. We’ve made mistakes, we’ve screwed up, and it’s not okay, but we are going to work to make it better. What can we do (no, seriously, what can we do?).’

I know something needs to be done. No one should die because another felt unheard.

Strangers getting randomly, brutally murdered is totally fine with you.

That’s what you’re saying when this keeps happening and nothing changes.

At this rate, though, it’s probably not going to just be strangers.

That’s why I want this to stop.

You’ll never know when it’s you until it’s too late.

Honesty’s all I got.


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