Hi, y’all!

For some, it’s a long weekend. I do not work until Wednesday. I will create a lot. I promise. I wish we could all find more time to devote to activities that enrich, especially since life can sometimes be so draining.

Today, for example, my husband finally received his wedding present. We wed on a whim this past December (we’ve been together for around eight years, with an intermission) and I got him an electric upright bass:

John’s played bass since he was thirteen and started on upright freshman year of high school. He’s got a great mind for theory and can probably teach anyone just about anything. He and fellow musicians will get into their lingo-tangos and I glaze over–I appreciate the technical side of music but it is not my strongpoint. I can definitely carry a tune and write a bit, but when it comes to actually explaining terms and delving into concepts, I defer to John.

Anyway, the bass: It arrived in a box about as tall as me (5’2.5″). I didn’t heed the knock as I was wrangling the pups due to some maintenance work on the apartment, but I would have surprised John with it had I answered.

The crew left for the day and John put the upright together. He tuned it and played a bit before plugging into the amps in our office. I read awhile, just listening, and then he asked me to read him some lyrics to a tune I kinda knew. We then played a song together: the White Stripes’ ‘In the Cold, Cold, Night,’ a favorite of mine.

He said we could work with each other again. This is high praise.

Sometimes, when I finally flop down on my bed after work, I’m so tired I don’t want to *do* anything, but I can’t quite sleep. I know I should get out my paints or pastels, or sit down and put a pen to paper and write those short stories, but the creative side of my brain is unable to crawl out from under the opaque veil of my eyelids. My anxiety usually comes out more often when I’m at home, too, because I don’t have to focus on Prime Directive: $ and Insurance. I don’t have the best handle on my moods or feelings, and if I’m hangry sitting around by myself with the pups? Knock on the door without food and beware.

I wasn’t taught how to gauge these. I’m working through them with help. It’s hard. I didn’t even know this was a thing you could fix or have wrong with you. It’s kind of weak-sounding to sit here and say that I got snippy because I didn’t know that I was hungry, or that when I’m all hmph-y and want to be by myself, I really need a big hug and a stupid joke to make me laugh. I’m still figuring this out.

In doing so, I have read that doing any creative thing and being outside can aid in neuro-development and healing. I have a paid Lumosity subscription that I haven’t been using (I WILL RECTIFY THAT); even though the reviews may not be as promising as their commercials, it’s fun and you can tailor what you want to improve.

There’s always something to learn; one can never know everything. I find that both exciting and frightening.

John and bass.
John and bass.

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